Shockly is fashion, style, originality and passion…

Shockly is an Italian fashion label that designs total-look collections for men with an eclectic and fun style.

Shockly creates each new collection with passion, transforming the clothing items into pure emotion.

The brand’s unconventional approach to menswear comes from a careful mix and match of modern fabrics, colours and graphic art.

The Shockly product is made with handcrafted techniques that give it a unique and unrepeatable quality, where the “worn” look is intentional and where scratches and imperfections are something to be valued.

The originality and passion of Shockly bring a unique, irreverent and eclectic style to the men’s collections, characterised by the distinctive logo with fluorescent yellow rivet, which season after season continues to expand into new markets and countries.


Sigari is not only a leading Italian Company, but above all a family. The imprint of the founders and exponents who have managed the company over the years is still strongly present today. Founded as a tailor’s shop, it has now become a leading company in the fashion circuit.

These beginnings, on the one hand, led to the company’s development in the image and likeness of the Perenzin brothers, with their solid, strong and positive character, and on the other hand, to the attachment to personal values and relationships, which are considered basic. The link between the people working in Sigari and the bond created between them and the Company is an added value that that is reflected in the ability to produce something more than just clothing.

The deep cohesion and unity of purpose was the breeding ground on which flourished technological research, particularly in the field of industrial processes, which has allowed testing and ultimately manufacturing the Shockly creations, thus defining the Shockly style and man.


The Shockly product is made with handcrafted techniques that give it a unique and unrepeatable quality, where the “worn” look is intentional and where scratches and imperfections are something to be valued.

The aptitude for innovation is a distinctive quality of the brand, the stylistic universe of Shockly translates into highly research-oriented collections that experiment with bright colours, exclusive prints, provocative graphics and unusual details.

Each collection features consistent references to create a total look coordinated in every detail.


Shockly dresses a modern and dynamic man, attentive to detail and never dull.

A manifesto of the changes in contemporary menswear, Shockly combines an original design with modern materials, fun graphics and the characteristic logo, making each item recognisable and authentic.



Originality is the heart and soul of Shockly.

The Shockly collections stand out for their innovative and eclectic creativity.

The brand’s signatures are the graphics and prints.

Shockly uses graphic art as an expressive element to create handcrafted processes with special dyes that make each item a real work of art.


The product is made according to strict quality standards.

Each model is unique.

Right from the design stage, we are constantly searching for the best materials and the most advanced techniques and technologies to create an exclusive product.

The control of the production chain comes from the extensive industrial experience of Sigari S.r.l., the company that created the Shockly brand and that has the ability to guarantee the industrial processes.


The Collections express a global style, suitable for any market.

The brand communication is inserted in the trends of international fashion campaigns and can be transposed in any country, generating great interest and success.

The Shockly brand and its advertising campaigns are based on a strictly fashion-oriented concept. This contemporary language gives the brand an international appeal.

The advertising strategy focuses on promoting the brand in well-known magazines in the industry, which position Shockly among the big names in the fashion system, as confirmation of the quality of the project developed by Sigari S.r.l.

The brand’s steady growth on the market comes from its commercial consistency, which offers the highest quality product for complete satisfaction of the Customer and final Consumer, initiatives to support the brand, as well as careful selection of the areas where Shockly has decided to activate its actions.

Stock Service

For Sigari, the word “service” means an investment in terms of technology, human resources and product.

In fact, the Company has created a very comprehensive stock service; various models from the two lines are ready for delivery in a wide range of fabrics and colours.

The computerised warehouse allows the item in the stock service to be identified, picked up and shipped to the customer in rapid times, within a maximum of 48 hours.

Custom Items

Despite the fact that each collection features a wide number of proposals, Shockly makes available to each Customer a technical expert for evaluating any customisations, for a minimum request of five hundred units. Any type of work can be performed to change the design, composition and structure of the items.

Once the requested characteristics have been obtained, a test sample is created, and the feel, elasticity and final effect can be evaluated.

Sigari can also establish partnerships to create brand-new models according to the cus